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When It’s Time to Speak to a Divorce Attorney

Few divorces are pleasant experiences unless you were married for a short time, had no children, few marital assets and both felt the relationship was not going to work out. But for the vast majority of couples who divorce, the experience can be traumatic. It can also be expensive, especially if children are involved and/or years of accumulated marital assets are at stake. Even if you and your spouse are at least amicable toward one another but circumstances and feelings have significantly changed, it is probably best to speak to a Pasadena family law attorney if you live in the Pasadena metropolitan area about your rights in a divorce proceeding if you suspect it is inevitable.

Although many parties, distrustful of attorneys or fearful of legal fees, try to handle their own divorce, there are pitfalls for a do-it-yourself divorce. These include signing documents without understanding or appreciating their significance and consequences or agreeing to divide assets before knowing exactly what you have and need. If there are issues regarding child custody, visitation, support, asset and debt distribution or allegations of abuse or violence, then at least speaking to Pasadena divorce attorney about how to handle these issues is vital.

There are, however, some signs that the time for speaking to a divorce lawyer has some degree of urgency. Consider the following scenarios that may apply to your case regarding a change in circumstances in your relationship with your spouse:

  1. Financial records indicating expenditures for hotel rooms though no one was traveling or at stores for which you did not frequent and did not receive any gifts as a result.
  2. Bank statements indicating large withdrawals by your spouse.
  3. Your spouse now refuses to commit to any long term plans or commitments.
  4. Your spouse suddenly takes on added responsibilities for the children and their activities or shows an interest, concern and participation that was not previously exhibited.
  5. Other facts supporting suspicions that your spouse is having an affair based on cell phone records, unusual expenditures, less intimacy with you, a change in appearance or suddenly working late and travelling overnight on business.
  6. Your spouse says he/she wants a divorce.
  7. Your spouse is unwilling to go to marital counseling.

Most people are sensitive to unfavorable changes in their marital relationship. If your spouse does not want to communicate with you about your concerns or will not go to marital counseling, then the unfortunate reality is that a divorce is likely imminent. Before the papers are served and your suspicions confirmed, get as much information as possible about your rights by getting legal advice.

Planning for divorce also means knowing when to speak to a divorce lawyer. If you reside in Pasadena or surrounding communities, do your due diligence in finding an experienced, competent and passionate Pasadena family law attorney by doing research, asking for referrals from friends, colleagues or other legal professionals, and doing your own interviewing. The most important thing is not to delay in speaking to a Pasadena divorce attorney when you have a strong suspicion that your spouse is being less than truthful and communication has all but ceased. Waiting too long could make matters more difficult when you are served with dissolution papers and your spouse already is represented.

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