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Community Property Issue: Stiviano Must Return Donald Sterling Gifts

$2.6 Million. That is the amount of money V. Stiviano must pay Donald Sterling’s ex-wife Shelly Sterling after a much publicized suit between the two former objects of the Billionaire’s affection. Shelly Sterling sought $3 Million from V. Stiviano based on her in-depth accounting of their over $2 Billion personal and business accounts. The suit was just one of the many legal issues that have landed the 83 year-old billionaire and former NBA owner in the news lately.

Contributing to the hefty list of gifts was everything from a Range Rover to a Bentley to a $1.8 Million condo to a $12 thong. What V. Stiviano argued as gifts from her wealthy former “friend,” Shelly Sterling more successfully argued as manipulation of an extremely wealthy elderly man to spend the couple’s money. And because Donald and Rochelle “Shelly” Sterling were not divorced at the time the many gifts were given over a two year period in California, it was all considered community property. Put differently, giving away presents (especially in a community property state) without the other spouse’s written consent can cause some major problems when you get caught.

CNN quotes Sterling’s attorney on the large verdict: “This is a victory for the Sterling family in recovering the $2,630,000 that Donald lavished on a conniving mistress. It also sets a precedent that the injured spouse can recover damages from the recipient of these ill-begotten gifts…In California you can have a mistress but you can’t give her the family wealth” The unprecedented decision will likely be appealed by V. Stiviano and her legal team. And it will likely be used as legal precedent for similar cases going forward. What really makes this case and decision so unique is the value of the gifts—extramarital gifts are rarely expensive enough to take the third party to court.

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