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Immigration Interview Questions: Coaching in Los Angeles

Much of immigration policy in the US remains unsettled but for those wanting to gain permanent residency through marriage, the USCIS is fairly consistent in looking for sham marriages as a way for aliens to gain a coveted green card. One method of scrutiny is to conduct an interview of both spouses to determine if the marriage was legitimate. Preparation for the interview is essential since when questioned by government authorities under any circumstances, your anxiety over uncertainty can cause confusion and forgetfulness when responding to even simple questions and possibly jeopardize your chances for approval.

You and your spouse can prepare each other in a Los Angeles immigration matter by reviewing potential questions about your relationship, interests, in-laws, families, mutual friends, daily routines, finances and housing. Also, when you do appear for the interview, dress well, be polite without being obsequious, and appear and be confident.

The following is a sample of some questions that immigration authorities may ask, or some form of them, when you are interviewed for permanent residency status:

Pre-Marriage Questions

  1. Where did you meet?
  2. What mutual friends knew of your relationship before you married?
  3. How long did you date?
  4. What places did you visit together before the marriage?
  5. Who proposed to whom? What was said?
  6. What interests brought you together?

Wedding Questions

  1. Where were you married? What time did you get married?
  2. Name the guests-how many were there?
  3. What food was served?
  4. Did you have a cake? Who made it?
  5. Who toasted you?
  6. What gifts did you receive? From whom?
  7. What music, if any, was played?
  8. How long did the reception last?
  9. What time did you leave?
  10. Did the parents attend?
  11. Where was your honeymoon? Where did you stay and for how long?
  12. What places did you go on your honeymoon?
  13. Do you have photos of your wedding and reception?

Daily Living Routine

  1. What time do you eat breakfast?
  2. What does your spouse eat for breakfast?
  3. Who is your spouse’s employer?
  4. Where is his/her place of employment?
  5. Who is your spouse’s best friend?
  6. What is your spouse’s salary?
  7. Who has health insurance and who is the carrier?
  8. What time do you both come home from work?
  9. Do you have joint accounts? Where? What kind?
  10. Do you have pets? Who feeds them? What are their names?
  11. What was the last movie you saw together?
  12. What TV shows do you watch together?

Housing and Home Activities

  1. Where have you lived together?
  2. Who was the landlord?
  3. What rent was paid? What was the deposit?
  4. What is your spouse’s favorite Chinese food?(Or Italian or other ethnic food)
  5. What color is the bathroom?
  6. Is there carpeting in the living room and what color is it?
  7. Where are towels kept?
  8. Is there a pantry?
  9. Is your stove gas or electric?
  10. Do you barbeque? What kind of food?
  11. Who were the last friends to come to your home?
  12. What computers are in the house? Or brand of gaming videos?
  13. Who is your cable provider?


  1. Where do your in-laws live? Describe their home.
  2. What gifts did your in-laws give you for your wedding?
  3. What siblings does your spouse have? How old are they and what are their names?
  4. What does your father in-law do? Where does he work?
  5. When do you see your in-laws?
  6. How old are they?
  7. How long have your in-laws been married?

Holidays and Vacations

  1. When is your spouse’s birthday? Where was she/he born?
  2. What gift did you give your spouse on his/her birthday following the first time you met?
  3. Where do you go together on your last birthday?
  4. What did you do last New Year’s Eve?
  5. What did your spouse give you last Christmas?
  6. Do you celebrate religious holidays? Which ones?
  7. What is the name of the pastor, rabbi, or other clergyman at your place of worship?
  8. What did you do on your last wedding anniversary?
  9. Did you take photographs at your last vacation? How long was it and where did you stay?

These are just samples of possible questions you may be asked by a USCIS representative at a Los Angeles immigration hearing for permanent residency status. It is imperative that you both become intimately familiar with details of your home, family histories, celebrations, interests and mutual activities. You cannot be expected to be consistent on every last detail, but the more you exhibit familiarity, the easier it will be to gain the confidence of the interviewer. If you have any questions about this article, please contact us at (626) 325-0770