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Avoid Scams: “Notarios” and Attorney Guarantees

With so many eligible people interested in Deferred Action, many are seeking ways to get the most efficient legal help with their application. That said, please beware of the people trying to take advantage of the new policy and those applying. Deferred Action is a discretionary policy instilled by the government, meaning that there is no guarantee that an application will be approved, regardless of having a completely clean record that is free of a legal or criminal history. Beware of any attorney that says he/she guarantees that a Deferred Action application will be approved because, not only does the government have to opportunity to deny an application, but, by law, attorneys are not allowed to make guarantees to clients on any applications in any types of cases. In addition, please know that, while offering help with applications at a very low price, public notaries, or “notarios,” are NOT authorized to provide people with legal services related to immigration. For more information on “notarios” and other scams, visit USCIS website to read the USCIS’s article on common scams in regards to immigration cases.